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fairtrade shoes from argentina, made from leather and chaguar. each piece of chaguar-cloth is an original and was worked by hand in the forest of chaco from the women of the wichi community.


each cloth of chaguar has its own design
your pair, unique



culture, design and quality


tonocoté shoes are completely handmade. Each chaguar piece is elaborated by wichi women with antique techniques in northern Argentina and they make from every pair, something special. Furthermore, the confection of the shoes is in charge of specialized shoemakers, who work in every detail, to be able to make a sophisticated hight quality product.



your pair, unique.



bermejo model
puntana model
santa maria model
morillo model
mision model
potrillo model
santa victoria model
salta model
chaco model





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your pair, unique.




the spirit of the project is to show the cultural shock of argentina, giving a special value to the antique aboriginal technics and disposing of design tools for developing a special edition in every object.


the shoes are completely hand made with “chaguar”, that is a plant that grows in the “chaco-salteño” forest. with it wichi women prepare a thread and then different handmade products, it is a very hard and traditional work. the drawings of the handcrafts represent the animals and plants of the environment.


wichis are a nomad community of arround 80.000 people and in argentina they live in the “provincias salta, formosa y chaco”. they keep their language, and their technics.


in tonocoté we believe that developing handcrafts is a way of living that gives value to a cultural traditions and we work together with organizations that have more than 20 years experience, making us sure each piece is fairly paid.


the woman that began with this brand, catalina agudin, started traveling and working with native people as she was studying design in the university of buenos aires. in this project she had to propose new ideas for handcrafts and it was then, that she realized how much rich culture exists in small towns around in her country. in her words: „I feel that in this encounter of traditions with design, exists a big opportunity for both sides of being enriched and show something different to the world, something contemporary, with an identity“.







we specially appreciate how we do together with these outstanding organizations:
arte y esperanza, siwani, silataj


and the people that supports and make is possible:
claudia, jorge, lukas, laura, ana







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and you can find our shoes here:


buenos aires city
san telmo
arte y esperanza
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arte y esperanza
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talabartería del cazador
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san isidro
arte y esperanza
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san fernando
loca de amor
constitución 1201


la rupia
avenida cazón 1468


la rupia
victoria y gaona nine shopping


buenos aires province
bahía blanca
11 de abril 84


santiago del estero
santiago del estero
ana de kiev
juncal 587


mi deus, rosario pintos


río negro


limmatstrasse 215
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